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Quickest tan in town. Air conditioning, aroma therapy, water cooler, MP3 & more



Unlike any other bed in town. This bed offers all FULL spectrum of light. It's the healthiest option to tanning.



Quick tans so that you can enjoy that summer glow year around. 


All of our tanning beds are equipted with facial lights and a fan. Enjoy serveral different types of bulbs to find what works best for you. Our facility allows you to selected what level bed you'd like to choose for the day for NO additional cost (does not include therapy beds). As Certified Tanning Technicians, we guaranee you'll see a long lasting tan while using our state of the art tanning beds. 

Stand-up        10 minutes   
Solaris            15 minutes   

Panther Bed   10/20 Minutes

Full Spectrum    20 minutes

KBL BED         10 Minutes




Like foundation, we cannot expect that three shades will match all colors. Therefore, we've designed our own spray-tanning line through a series of clinical trials. We've came up with 12 different shades to better match your skin & your desire. Our professionally trained staff will choose the correct shade for you.



Regular Spraytan - $26.00
Organic Spraytan - $35.00
Rapid Spraytan - $45.00


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