Price Guide

Level 1 Stylist: Transitional Stylist 1+ years experience
Level 2 Stylist: Intermediate Stylist 5+ years experience

Level 3 Stylist: Master Level Stylist 10+ years experience




Acrylic full set $65 

Acrylic with Gel $80

Nail designs $15 per 15 minutes

Gel Manicure $45

Manicure with regular polish $30
Soak off gel or acrylic $20




Micro session $85, $100, $135

A glamorous enhancement. Using the color you walk in the door with, we’ll amplify and create a style that will intensify your current look. A micro session  brings brightness around your face by adding a few dimensional “pops”. 


The Revamp $125, $145, $175

Want a change but not a complete transformation? This is for those who don’t “hate” their current look but want something different. A revamping session will get you feeling like the queen you are.

A revamping session consists of strategically placed foils followed by a seamless color melt topped with a glaze. 


Design Me $165, $185, $225

Need a change but have no clue what you want? Put your trust with your talented stylist. Analyzing your facial structure and your personality we will completely transform you by designing a premium style for less. (Savings of up to $150) We can discuss if you’d like a “lighter” or “darker” option! But that’s all you get, the rest is all a surprise!  (Cut not included in this)  


Bowlayage $140, $160, $195

Take a nap in our luxury sinks while our stylist wisps you away. A modern take on dimensional balayage with half the time. This option will give you multi-dimensional strands while utilizing your current root color. This is great for those who want low maintenance & love their natural roots (Hair must be 18+ in. Long) 


Balayage $150, $200, $250

Call us Vince Van Gogh. One of the most popular options for picture matches. Our stylist will hand paint each section of your hair. Whether it’s to go lighter, darker, or to add depth, the organic flow from a balayage is unmatched. This will give you a complete transformation while maintaining multi-colors and depth. 


Foilyage $200, $250, $325

Queen Elsa? Is that you? This option is for those who want a beautiful high contrast blonde. You can choose to darken the roots or blend them so seamlessly that the blonde looks like your own. A foilyage is a combination of balayage and microfoils, leaving you with the lightest hair in a single session. 


Custom (n/a) 

Not everything is cut and dry. Sometimes it may take a custom session to reach your desired goals. Vivid queens, rave babes, and color corrections will all need a consultation for a price quote! 


Additional Services


Amino Acid Treatment

Weddings parties and styles

Hair Extensions



Please use the above prices as a guide only. Each individual category includes precise measurements of color, calculated timings, and professionals exerience. These prices are not 100% and should be used as a guide only. For a specific quote, please visit our employee section and reach out to the employees individually. 


Cancellation Policy

In order to book, we require an active credit card to be on file. Your credit card number will be safely stored and is unable to be viewed.  If you do not feel comfortable leaving your credit card on file, you will need to pay 50-100% of the service cost before booking.


To avoid a fee:

Siearra requires 36 + hours before the start of the appointment day. 

All other stylist require 24+ hours before the start of the appointment day. 


If you are unable to cancel in time, your card will be charded 50-100% of the service cost. The cost amount will depend on the time in which we were notified. We try out hardest to refill your spot to avoid a fee. However, without a significant amount of notice, sometimes we are unsuccessful. We do not do this to upset you. We do this so our employees can have a dependable income. 


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